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Engineered Flooring

HURFORD HERRINGBONE - Oak Engineered Parquet

Brochure: Hurford Herringbone Brochure

Warranty: Hurford Herringbone Warranty

Installing Hurford Herringbone requires a high level of skill and Hurford Flooring recommends only
qualified tradespeople with the relevant skill levels undertake the installation.

WIDE - Genuine Oak

Brochure: WIDE Oak Brochure

Installation Guide: WIDE Oak Installation Guide

Warranty: WIDE Oak Warranty

Certificate of Origin: WIDE Oak Lamella (CO)

SUPACORE - Waterproof Hybrid Flooring

Brochure: SupaCore Brochure

Installation: SupaCore Install Guide

Warranty: SupaCore Warranty

Fire Test: Available Soon

Solid Flooring

Internal Wall Lining

    S P E C I F Y I N G?

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