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Thermally Enhanced Hardwood

Permanently altering the
look to create a 
richer, more intense hue of
Australian Hardwood.

With the knowledge and skill acquired from the ten years of thermally modifying Australian Hardwood, Hurfords has now developed a process known as Thermally Enhanced Hardwood.

This process uses a unique temperature schedule through the drying process to create a colour palette that reflects the more traditional tones in the species, altering the blush lightness of Sydney Blue Gum to a more timeless deep scarlet intensity.

Another advantage of Thermally Enhanced Hardwood is the transformation of the traditional lighter sapwood to a more natural and attractive warm undertone. 

83mm x 14mm
130mm x 14mm
180mm x 14mm
Traditional Flooring
80mm x 19mm
130mm x 19mm
Species: Sydney Blue Gum
Hardness:  Janka 9.0
Colour Penetration: 100% through the board
Profile: Tongue & Groove

Coating Recommendation: To maintain the deep rich colour
of Hurford’s Thermally Enhanced Hardwood, Hurford’s DOES NOT RECOMMEND the application of WATER BASED FINISHES. Water based finishes can significantly lighten the appearance of Hurford’s Thermally Enhanced Hardwood overtime.

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Flyer: Thermally Enhanced Hardwood Flyer

Sydney Blue Gum After Thermally Enhanced